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More than just Print On Demand

Yes, we do high quality print with fast dispatch, but we also help our partners to grow their businesses.
Store Builds & Integration

Seamless API link up to your existing Shopify store and other platforms. We also build Facebook, Shopify, Ebay, Etsy and Amazon stores. 

Brilliant Print & Product

Beautifully printed on-demand DTG and drop shipping for your existing products or co-creation of new ones. We have access to multiple garments including ethical and organic options. 

Shipping & Customer Service

You get 1-2 day global dispatch with semi-tracked shipping as standard. Our award winning customer service team deals with queries and keeps customers happy.

Tshirt Business Intelligence

We use our extensive knowledge of data analysis, store optimisation and digital marketing to share insights and make recommendations. Monthly calls with our tech team help you to grow your business.

Influence More

We provide an education pack to a child in Cambodia with each product we print. Together with our clients and our partnership with Buy 1, Give 1, we are able to contribute to life changing projects  in the world.

DIY Drop Shipping

Use the Tshirtify Product Builder to upload your designs and place orders as your receive them from your customers: 
- Perfect for ordering one-off samples or order in bulk to hold stock 
- High quality DTG print on demand products from £10.50
- 1-3 day global dispatch
- Proof of delivery shipping as standard, from £1.50
- Large print size 38cm x 48cm
- Tear out label garments
- B1G1 impact with each Tshirt printed

Auto Drop Shipping

Use our seamless Drop Shipping service to get:
- API link up to your Shopify store
- DTG print on demand and dispatch at £9.50 per shirt
- Proof of delivery shipping as standard, from £1.30
- 1-2 day global dispatch
- Tear out labels
- Brand finishing options
- B1G1 impact with each Tshirt printed

Tshirtify PLUS

All our amazing drop shipping services PLUS: 
- Facebook and Shopify store builds
- Amazon, FBA, eBay and Etsy services
- Product sourcing and co-creation
- DTG print on demand and dispatch from £9.50 per shirt*
* Price dependant on volume
- Award winning customer service and returns
- Monthly website assist
- Monthly data and optimisation calls
- Tshirt Business Intelligence dashboards
- Options for digital marketing
- B1G1 impact with each Tshirt printed

Why partner with Tshirtify?

• Dispatch is 1-2 days from order with proof of delivery shipping as standard
• We're proud to be based in UK and are even working with partners to develop a UK made Tshirt
• Our water based inks meet the highest standards and are Oeko-tex and GOTS (Global Standards) certified
• We use the revolutionary Aeoon Kyo-12 DTG printer, giving amazing colour and print quality
• We love a challenge and are always experimenting with tech to improve efficiency and customer experience
• For every client’s Tshirt that rolls off the press, we give an essential Education Pack to a child in Cambodia

Our partners

“Last week was the first time in 4 years that I spent every single day doing what I love - illustrating! Thanks so much!”

'Awesome products, printed as we get orders. If we launch a new one, it's up on our site within hours!"

"Since working with Tshirtify I'm now really proud of my brand and the quality of products I offer. They really feel like they're representing me."

"You get freedom with Tshirtify. I make the design, they sample and it's on the website really quickly!"

Our story

In the past ten years, Richard Flanagan, along with his team of print maniacs, has printed and sold over 3 million Tshirts. Many say his digital print quality rivals even the best screen printers. 

Along with his wife, Kerry, a professional graphic designer and typographer, they took this street cred and founded Tshirtify, an on-demand printing service for social influencers ready to capitalise on their popularity, scale their brands, and influence more. 

As entrepreneurs, they’ve been there, and felt called to share their expertise and provide others a proven pathway to upgrade their own success.

  • Tshirt story

    The Tshirt is much more than cotton and stitch. It’s a force. 

    At critical moments in history, the Tshirt was there. At times, the Tshirt even created history. In the hands of great artists, it’s powerful vehicle to take action in the world. 

  • Tshirt story continued

    Sadly, in recent times, the Tshirt has been reduced to a commodity. That’s just wrong. 

  • Tshirt story continued

    Of course, in the face of such injustice, and in the spirit of the best protests, we’re speaking truth to power in our own way. Announcing the Reclaim The Tshirt! campaign: we’re starting 2018 on a mission like no other.

Influence More

At Tshirtify, we like do this through our ongoing partnership with Buy1Give1 and their Global Giving Campaign. 

What is impact, anyway?

We believe impact is best understood as influence. And legacy, is what happens when an abundance of positive influence is left in the world. 

Those who partner with us consciously create new kinds of wealth, they are widening the impact their brand and lives can make. 

Buy1 Give1 impacts

For every client’s Tshirt that rolls off the press, we give an essential Education Pack to a child in Cambodia.

Our B1G1 partnership

B1G1 Chairman Paul Dunn explains how we work together to leave a positive legacy in the world.