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Designing your life to fit your business - Monday Motivation

Designing your life to fit your business - Monday Motivation

We’re already in mid July which means we’re now over halfway through 2019, and only 170 days left until a new decade! How are you getting on with your plans for the year? 

Despite all the things going on in the UK and the world we believe there has never been a better time to start a business based on your passion and creativity.

Things are never perfect, but running your own business can be a challenge that raises you up to places you never thought possible in so many little ways. 

You just need to be in the right headspace to get those reminders about how far you’ve come from the person you were even 12 months ago.

We’ve been checking in on the progress of a few of our amazing Tshirtify clients inside the Tshirtify app to give you some insight into how they approach their entrepreneurial journey.

Jess from Squiffy Print is a biz-mum digital nomad from Lancashire. She designs amazing personalised tshirts for kids, mums and dads. 

Jess started out doing everything from creating designs, making her own tshirts and hoodies to ship. building and managing a website, buying and handling stock, admin, and doing all the social stuff of being a micro influencer - all while being a full time mum.

When Fearne Cotton bought a t-shirt from Jess her orders went crazy and something had to give which is when she signed up with Tshirtify

Self realisation is huge in business, and the sooner we can make the shift in thinking, the sooner we make the steps for success. 

But at the root of this is designing your life to fit your business, realising what YOU are good at and sticking to doing the things that you love.

It's so easy to try to be the 'hero-entrepreneur' - to think you need to do everything involved in your business to make it a success: without it can you truly say you succeeded? 

The truth is the hero-entrepreneur is the exception, not the rule. The key to success in 2019 is to find partners to do the things that don't light you up, and to focus on the things that made you start your business in the first place.

In Jess' case as it my be yours - she knows her success was built on designing and engaging with her audience and making sure she was making her business work round the life she had designed round her children.

So how do you reach this decision like Jess? Often it means letting go of control, and finding someone you trust if you're in the merchandise game. This is where your print partner fits in. 

Jess didn’t make it easy for us! She rigorously tested our print quality and washability before trusting us with the fulfilment of her store.

Here’s a pic of her son in a year old tee she tested us with.

So with that side of your business taken care of - you have time to work ON your business instead of IN it. And then you realise the seeds of your success were sown doing what you love:

Be like Jess. Do what you love.


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