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Education Incubator

Education Incubator

Are you passionate about education and entrepreneurialism?

All Together is a social enterprise tackling youth unemployment with professional careers guidance and school leadership. We partner with All Together to deliver a unique school programme designed to nurture entrepreneurial spirit in young people.

Last week Kerry, Richard and the All Together team delivered the programme to 100 Year 12 students at Suffolk New College in Ipswich. The programme works to help the kids realise their strengths and talents with Talent Dynamics profiling (something we do with our own team here at Tshirtify). Identifying whether the young people are ideas-based, detail oriented, or a people person. The students are then split into groups and guided in how to use their strengths within the dynamic of the rest of the team.

The teams then decided on a common purpose - something they feel passionately about - choosing their cause from the UN’s Global Goals. Some of the teams felt passionately about plastic in the ocean, some chose gender inequality and others wanted to work on the problems of poverty. The teams were encouraged to think about these big problems on a local scale - what can be done within their immediate community to strive towards their global goals?

The students then worked together to create a campaign idea and a promotional plan for their cause. The final task was to design a memorable, impactful T-shirt to promote their chosen campaign. Each team then pitched their promotional plan and shirt design in front of their peers, to vote on a winner.

The winning team was called Don’t Bottle It. Their campaign was to encourage people to stop buying bottled water and to switch to tap water instead, with their slogan “Be Fantastic Don’t Use Plastic!” Their winning design will now be transformed and printed by Tshirtify into real T-shirts!

Richard and Kerry will be running a follow-up session in March where the winning team will see their T-shirt and campaign added to The Tribe Store and available for sale to the public - with the money raised going to charity. The Don’t Bottle It team will also receive mentoring and guidance on how to market their T-shirt to their social network and help raise funds.

We'll be be delivering more of these Education Incubators in the next 6 months, working to inspire young adults and turn them into the entrepreneurs of tomorrow!


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