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Meet Mark - our Production Leader

Meet Mark - our Production Leader

“My name is Mark Proctor, I’m the Production Leader at Tshirtify and I’ve been here for just over 2 years.”

Mark’s role involves full management of the Tshirtify production team. Overseeing what the team do from start to finish - the pre-treatment, the printing and the dispatch - to ensure all the T-shirts (and other merchandise like hats and art-prints) go out the door and get to customers. Mark’s mantra about production is simple - “If you can’t be proud of every T-shirt that goes out the door, then you might as well not bother.”

Mark has been with us for just over two years. Previously he worked as the manager of an automotive production line, making AC units for cars. “I started off in a press shop, worked my way up and became a production manager, and then I took over two other production departments as well.”

“It was a global company,” Mark said of his previous job, “there was a lot of delegation of jobs to all these different people. I was just another body in this massive company. I came here because I wanted to be more involved, I wanted to be part of a team, part of a family.”

And Mark’s technical background has proven to be invaluable for Tshirtify. Our Aeoon KYO 12 is the best printer in the world, but it requires a lot of expertise and care. “When I first joined the company, we were using third party engineers to do maintenance on the printer.” Mark told us. “But frankly their skill-set simply wasn’t good enough. When they came to work on the Aeoon, they’d end up making it worse.”

The Tshirtify philosophy is to do everything in-house. From web-design to printing. So we decided to apply that to the maintenance of our amazing printer as well. Mark already had technical qualifications in operations and maintenance, he just needed the specific knowledge of the KYO 12. “So that’s when I flew out to Aeoon Headquarters in Austria and learnt from the engineers out there.”

“Now that I’ve got all that knowledge, we can be proactive with our equipment. If there are any technical issues with the printer, we don’t have the lengthy delays of waiting for an engineer. We’ve got the expertise. We can anticipate, preempt and take action.”


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