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Quality Control

Quality Control

“All the designs go through me. I’m in charge of taking the art work and making sure it looks amazing on the finished product.”

We pride ourselves on our bright, bold colours and amazing print quality, and Jim Witts is a huge part of that. Jim is our Quality & Innovation Tsar.

“I am quality control. I check what the prints are looking like, I make sure they’re up to standard, and I make sure that standard is very high. If anything ever comes back because it’s not good enough, because the quality isn’t there, then that is on me. And I take that very seriously.”

“I know what I’m doing.” Jim says, proudly. “I know how to get the best out of our printer. When we first got it I had all the training and read the manual and learnt whatever already existed, and then from Day Two I said - right, now I’m gonna do it my way. And through trial and error, through problem-solving and experience, I know how to get the absolute best out of our machines. That kind of experience isn’t in the manual. Sometimes we’ll have the engineers comes in to service the printers and we’ll actually explain a few things to them that they didn’t know the machines were capable of.”

Some of our partners are just starting their clothing journey, and some have moved across from other platforms. “We always want our t-shirts to look that much better than wherever they’ve been printed before. That’s a big part of why clients come to us. We'll do a sample T-shirt for them, and they'll came back and say - I’ve been wearing and washing this shirt for months now and it looks way better than T-shirts I’ve had made elsewhere. That’s why they’re with us.”

Jim knows about T-shirts because he’s not only our Quality Control Tsar, he’s also a design guru in his own right.

“People always say to me “I bet you enjoy drawing and designing more than quality control” but I honestly take a lot of pride in the quality control. I’ve ended up enjoying this job a lot more than I thought I would. Because at the end of the day, it’s still about making a T-shirt look good. There’s a lot of satisfaction in problem-solving and getting the designs to look amazing."

To see our amazing quality for yourself, get in touch to arrange a sample.


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