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Artwork Formats Supported: PSD, AI, EPS, PNG.

All artwork must be supplied with a transparent background, except:

If your design is ONLY to be printed on a white garment then it may have a white background. If your design is ONLY to be printed on black then it may have a black background (JPG format is acceptable in these cases only).

No transparency within the design.

While the background of your artwork should be transparent, your design itself should not contain any partial transparency. This includes ‘faded’ edges in close-up, there should be hard edges if possible. If you have partial transparency in your design then rather than seeing the colour of the garment through it, you will see the white ink underbase.

Minimum Resolution (PSD, PNG): 300dpi (600dpi optimal)

Note: Your artwork must be sized as you want it to appear on the garment. So for instance if you require a 30cm wide print then your artwork must be 30cm wide at a minimum of 300dpi.
Note 2: If your artwork is less than 300dpi then unfortunately blowing it up will not help, it needs to have been created at that resolution in the first instance. While we can print lower resolution art, we cannot guarantee a high print quality.

Minimum Resolution (AI, EPS): N/A

Note: Vector artwork does not have a resolution, so resolution is not an issue; but your art must still be sized as you want it to appear on the garment.

Multiple Colour Options

If you require the same artwork to be printed in different colours (for instance you want your design to be printed in red on black tees, but in white on blue tees) then you must supply artwork for each colour option as though it were a completely different design.

Only one of any coloured garment per product: For instance a single product can not have an option of a black tee with a red print AND a black tee with a white print. However you can have as many different coloured garment options as you like in a single product. If you want two same-coloured garments with different coloured prints THEY MUST BE ADDED TO YOUR CATALOGUE AS 2 DIFFERENT PRODUCTS.

Artwork File Naming

Please label your files using underscores rather than spaces or hyphens, using this format:


Max Print Sizes

Mens tees: 38cm x 48cm
Womens tees: 32cm x 34 cm
Kids tees: 26cm x 31cm


We are happy to print artwork that is either CMYK or RGB but we recommend you create your artwork in an RGB format as the colours you see on screen will more closely match those on the final printed garment. CMYK artwork will be converted to RGB at our end before printing.

Customisable Designs

If your designs are ‘customisable’ by your customers (ie they can have custom text within them), then you must supply paid-for copies of the font(s) used in the design along with the artwork.

No Trademark/Copyright Infringement

Trademarked/copyright elements in your design can only be used if you supply documentation showing your permission to do so.

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