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One thing that sets Tshirtify apart from anyone else when it comes to Dropshipping is our years of experience in eCommerce. This means that we are able to support you at every step along the path of taking your brand, audience or idea from paper all the way through to your customers.
From major brands and licensors down to startups, we have worked with our customers to supply high quality printed clothing and prints wth an amazing turnaround time so that they are on your customers doorstep quicker than anyone else.

Our open and easy to calculate pricing system means that you will never be unsure of what an items costs and we never take a cut of your profits. From designing and building your store, to making and fulfilling your products, handling customer services and then helping you to get the most from your customers with digital marketing, we can offer a package of support customised to your own needs and requirement.

By working with Tshirtify and our specialised on demand Dropshipping services, you and your customers are in safe hands, with the support and guidance to help you accelerate and grow year after year.

Our partners

" Last week was the first time in 4 years that I spent every single day doing what I love - illustrating! Thanks so much! " – Jim’ll Paint It, Illustrator

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Jim’ll Paint It, Illustrator

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Better flow

DJ Tees, Fashion brand

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More revenue

The Body Barn, Outdoor gym

Grow Identity

Darren Styles, Global DJ

Connect to fans

Newsthump, Satire site

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8Ball T-shirts, Fashion brand

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First, we’ll get clear on your business and identify how to give you more time, more money, better health and more freedom to be doing the things you love.

On the way, we’ll get get to know your audience really well and what their true needs and expectations are.

Some clients approach us for for simple, on-demand garment printing. Others seek out help to create new products or optimise existing ones.

We’re also top notch at building Facebook or Shopify web stores, as well as integrating existing platforms.

Each client’s needs are different. So get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss yours.

Not really, but we do need to see that you contain the potential to sell at least 50 t-shirts a month.

This usually means you have an established audience on social media (or a website) already jazzed up to buy your products.

If this sounds like you, we should talk.

Not an issue. Depending on the volume you have and the platforms you’re currently on, some cases take a bit longer than others, but we can usually do it.

We’re always happy to discuss your situation.

We start at £9.50 per standard t-shirt, including tax and your printed design. Monthly fees start at just £29.99 per month, along with a $9 Shopify fee.

The instant you join, an Account Manager will guide you through our easy on-boarding process and answer any additional questions. We’ll set up regular calls to ensure everything is on track and all expectations are met.

Once you’re up and running, we’ll offer on-going services such as Facebook marketing, Google data analysis, and website optimisation to help grow your business, leaving you more time to be doing the things you love most.

It’s entirely up to you. You have the freedom to set your own product pricing and shipping costs. We can offer guidance on what normally works for your market and how to best optimise profit, but ultimately you decide.

Fast. With our elegant ordering setup, we receive your customer’s order, print it, and have it ready to ship within 24 hours.

You will receive a weekly invoice itemised with you product ranges, shipping and any other fees. Payment will be activated by direct debit on receipt.

Of course. Just fill out the electronic qualifier form here and we’ll be in touch.

You do. Any designs printed and sold through Tshirtify are 100% your creation and always belong to you.

Nope. You have total freedom. We want to make sure you and your customers are happy, so you can join or leave anytime.(We hope you’ll stay, of course).

Our standard range covers t-shirts, sweats and hoodies. We can also do framed and unframed art prints, tote bags, mugs and, sure, even Dad Hats. We’re creative. So, if there is something else you want printed, we’ll turn it over to our dedicated team of print maniacs and give it a go.

There’s no risk to the customer.

With a DTG printer, we can print on-demand for any anyone, anytime, with any order amount, no matter if it’s one or one million.

Digital printing eliminates the need for pre-ordering in bulk or securing storage space. This means there is no up-front cost and you never go out of stock.

Our advanced technology can print up to 800 garments per hour, making it quicker and cheaper than single screen prints. The colour is superior to any other digital garment printer, and the quality is comparable to screen printing.

Plus, the inks are water-based, meaning they’re also much better for the environment than solvent inks. There’s less waste and mess.

Let us show you. Get in touch and we’ll send you a sample.


Our standard garments are all Wrap Certified, REACH compliant and Sedex approved. Our water-based inks and hold Oeka-Tex and GOTS certification.

We also work with suppliers who offer a full suite of premium and organic options.

B1G1 (Buy1 Give1) is our global business giving initiative partner. Together with them, we are on a mission to make the world a better place.

When you become a TShirtify partner, you’re already involved. Just by selling with us, you’ll influence in the world in a positive way. Each time a customer orders from you, we in turn provide an essential education pack for a child in Cambodia. Supporting education is a passion of ours, but if there’s a cause closer to your heart, we’ll send your influence in that direction.

On your monthly invoice. Your influence is measured in “impacts” and each month we’ll send you a report which quantifies exactly how you’ve influenced the world in a positive way. You’re free to share these number with your audience as well.

Find out more about B1G1 and the great projects on offer here. (https://www.b1g1.com/businessforgood/)

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