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How does it work?

We offer a complete back end solution for your t-shirt business. 

How much does it cost?

From just £9.50 per standard t-shirt, including tax, printed, and ready to ship in 24 hours. Depending on where you are with your business, you can level up for free and let us create your Facebook store, your Shopify store, link up your exiting store, add all your Amazon & eBay channels. Monthly fees start at just £29.99 per month.

How do I get free samples?

If you sign up with Tshirtify you get free samples every month. This is to help you promote your brand and products with your audience. You're welcome.
Pssst....this month we're offering a free sample of your tshirt design. Just fill in our questionnaire here

Who owns the Copyright for my designs?

You do, any designs sold through Tshirtify of which you created, own or have a trademark for are yours. 

Is there a Contract?

Nope. Contracts are so 20th Century! You can join or leave any time. We just want to make sure everyone wins.

What other Products can you print on?

Anything goes, if we can print it, we will.
Our standard range covers tees, sweats, and hoods.
Our premium range can be bespoke to you with any cut and finish you want. We work with lots of suppliers with lots of options, and ethics.
You can also use your own garments too if you want.
Just drop us an email with any queries and we'll answer them quick smart.

Shipping Costs

£1.25 for standard UK shipping plus VAT

Tracked International Delivery from £3.69

Where can you ship to?

Worldwide, standard or express - its up to you.

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