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Jim’ll Paint It is an on-going art project, where Jim’s fans suggest wild & wacky scenes from pop culture, and Jim brings them to life via the retro-hip tool of MS Paint.

• His popularity online created a huge demand for his t-shirts and an even bigger demand on his time. He didn’t have a team in place. So, in order to meet the demands of his raving fans, he had to do everything himself including customer service and returns.

• Not only was Jim’s creative time being sucked away by day-to-day business operations, he was stuck on the Big Cartel platform, who owned his site and, to a certain extent, his brand identity.

• On top of that, the print quality from his current supplier was less than ideal, and his fans had to wait up to 12 days for their t-shirts!

Not good for Jim. Not good for business.


• We changed Jim’s platform from Big Cartel to Shopify - he now owns his store and has full control over his identity and brand.

• Next, we synced all of his products to our world class Print-On-Demand hub - all t-shirt orders are now shipped within 24 hours of placement.

• We automated every aspect of the ordering process, ensuring Jim has no more unnecessary paperwork.

• Then we made a bespoke system to handle all of his orders, customer service, and returns.

• We now regularly take a design off his computer and have it ready for sale within two hours.

• With Facebook Ads and a Google Analytics strategy, we optimised his website which is still increasing his revenue at a steady rate.


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" Last week was the first time in 4 years that I spent every single day doing what I love - illustrating! Thanks so much! " – Jim’ll Paint It, Illustrator

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