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Our business is all about Education. It's our chosen UN Global Goal and we're so passionate about it that we decided to start our own Enterprise Incubator Programme. In fact, in the past two years over 2000 school children and college students have taken part in it.

It’s easier today more than ever for entrepreneurs to start their own business. We aim to show young people that if they do this in the right way, they too can build a business built with purpose and meaning.

We have developed a two day programme which sees young people working together in teams to align themselves to a chosen UN Global Goal, create a powerful campaign message which we then add to live platforms to market to real customers. There's also a 30 day mentoring programme which follows on to help them develop their marketing and strategic skills. 

The programme has been such a success in helping young people to develop confidence and practical enterprise skills that 2020 looks set to be our biggest year yet!

Please email help@tshirtify.com for if you'd like to know more.